Elsevier eBook forums: from content and analytics, to strategy and beyond

As you well know, today’s librarian is more than a “keeper of content”. Your role is continually evolving in new and exciting ways, and your critical input is now an integral part of not only content acquisition, but also data analytics and strategic planning that helps your institution increase research output.

But your growing role can sometimes mean venturing into unchartered territory. To help you navigate the unfamiliar, Elsevier now hosts eBook Forums around the world. These informative gatherings provide librarians with a chance to network with peers and listen to experts on hot topics, including Big Data and the psychological aspects of literacy.

eBook Forum Profile: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Our recent eBook Forum in Utrecht brought together librarians from across the Netherlands who were eager to learn about, and share, their acquisition strategies for book content and the tactics they have used to increase research output in their institutions. It was late spring, and The Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre buzzed with enthusiasm as peers engaged in lively discussions in informal roundtables, and during lunch and coffee breaks.

But there was more. For this forum, we targeted pain points that were consistent with what we were hearing from librarians. Subjects like data analysis in an era of overwhelming amounts of information, managing information and the emerging applications of Big Data.

After all, as a global leader in book and journal publishing, Elsevier recognizes our role in the dissemination of information and the importance of bridging the gap between authors, experts and librarians.

Highlights from the Utrecht eBook Forum

  • Monitoring the Market: Matthew Richardson, a senior market intelligence manager from Oxford, provided invaluable input on how his team monitors the publishing market, analyses huge amount of research data, identifies emerging areas and advises on strategy, including the pinpointing of impactful researchers who we then contact with offers to publish.
  • Deep Vertical Thinking: Pegwak Gilani, a book solutions manager, discussed why Elsevier has moved from a “quantity to quality” model of publishing. He gave examples on how books work together with journal content to support innovation.
  • Introducing New “ScienceDirect Topic” Pages: Cristina Taran, a product manager from the ScienceDirect team, previewed a new feature that will help researchers find the most relevant and trustworthy information. The new “ScienceDirect Topic” pages, which will be available in late June, will provide information on a number of scientific topics right at the user’s point of need.
  • Special Guest: Mrs. Desirée ten Dam from the Utrecht University Library shared her experience with different book acquisition models and how their library ensures patrons get access to the right content at the right time.

After a brief break, the forum turned to the psychology of literacy with highlights from leading author Dr. Anthony Anderson from Strathclyde University, UK. His book, Information Literacy to Social Epistemology: Insights from Psychology took center stage as he discussed the psychological aspects that exist in an unprecedented era of information overload.

The day ended with a very informative session from Elsevier’s Director of Search & Data Science, Bob Schijvenaars, who gave attendees an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at how his team works in the field of data science, including such timely topics as Big Data, the analysis of large amounts of information, the applications of machine learning, and the discovery of patterns and extraction of information necessary for projects, such as our upcoming “ScienceDirect Topic” pages.

Utrecht: An eBook Forum Success Story

All in all, the Utrecht eBook Forum was a resounding success. Attendees commented on not only the value of the content presented, but also the excitement they felt from gathering with peers who share common experiences.

Coming Soon: eBook Forums Around the Globe

Elsevier’s eBook Forums are happening in locations around the globe. Keep an eye out for an event near you. Let’s work together to share strategies and success stories that move your researchers’ initiatives in exciting, untapped directions.