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In 2015, 76 of Elsevier’s Health Science eBooks on ScienceDirect made the list for Doody’s Core Titles and 230 books on ScienceDirect were awarded a 4 or 5 star rating. These titles are designated by your peers as delivering the highest caliber of curated medical research and clinical insights available, including these CORE TITLES:


Doody's is an authoritative medical book review service, that helps medical libraries and institutions with their book and software purchasing decisions. Many librarians turn to the Doody’s Review Service and the Doody’s Core Titles list to help them decide which medical books to include in their collections. Doody's Review Service (DRS) rate books on a 1 – 5 star system; titles that have 1 star are considered substandard, and 5 star titles are exception with nearly flawless execution.

Doody’s Core Titles is an annual list of book and software titles that are deemed “essential” for library collections that serve healthcare professionals.

This is an impressively complete textbook on the diagnosis and study of all hepatobiliary disease. Updated from the 2007 edition, this edition retains all the qualities that earned the book the designation as the gold standard by which all other liver pathology textbooks are judged. Keeping up with the developments in liver disease, there are innumerable updates to this edition, including noninvasive imaging studies, the interpretation of drug-induced liver injury, tumor precursor lesions, subtyping hepatic adenomas, expansion of the discussion of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and the interpretation of different patterns of fibrosis. Contributing to its perfection, this book may be the most aesthetically pleasing medical textbook ever produced…It is not just essential to diagnose and confidently interpret liver samples, but, more importantly, it enhances one's understanding of complicated liver disease. Truly a work of art, this beautifully illustrated book is nothing but pure joy to read and consult.

--5-Star Review by Maura F. O'Neil, MD, University of Kansas Medical Center

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