Webinar: Using data to make decisions in the library and beyond

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Institutions make strategic decisions at all levels. From determining the types of content that would best serve patrons of the library to developing budgets and identifying emerging areas that warrant curriculum and support—these decisions directly affect achievement of your institution's goals.

Grounding your decisions in data gives you an edge. Knowing where your institution's research is heading, what resources get used the most and where there is opportunity to grow is important information for the library. By empowering librarians with fact-based analytics, libraries can become more prominent and valuable.

Scott Warren from Syracuse University shares how Syracuse uses information to shape decisions and how to share this information outside the library to further align strategic goals.

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

Contributed by:

Marydee Ojala

Moderator: Marydee Ojala, ‚ÄčEditor-in-Chief Online Searcher Magazine

Scott Waren

Presenter: Scott Warren,  Interim Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship, Syracuse University Libraries