Product announcement: Changes to in April 2018

As of April 25, 2018, Reaxys’ new and improved user interface (UI)  is now the only version available at Users are now no longer able to toggle between the old and new versions.

This is the natural, final step in this phase of Reaxys development. Over the past 18 months, most of our users have already made the switch to the new UI.  And they’re very satisfied with its ability to meet and even exceed their demands for research speed, efficiency and accuracy.

What’s more, we’ve made usability improvements based on early adopter feedback, ensuring that Reaxys operates smoothly and provides a great user experience.

To help you get the most out of the new UI for Reaxys, we’ve developed a number of resources, including:

We’re confident that all users will enjoy an improved user experience with the new Reaxys UI.

Welcome to the new Reaxys!