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As a librarian, you have a critical role in empowering your organization and library users - to access and create research with a lasting impact, and to educate the next generation of scholars, researchers and practitioners. On this page you will find links to resources that will support you in these goals.

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Article: 'Creating and managing digital library' thumb | Elsevier

Creating and managing digital library

Although paper books remain a cherished part of the library, ebooks are rapidly gaining in popularity as they offer convenience, cost effectiveness and other advantages unique to digital media...

Article: 'The case for creativity and creative spaces in libraries' thumb | Elsevier

The case for creativity and creative spaces in libraries

A faculty member turns to you in a committee meeting and asks about locating grants and technology help for her digital humanities project. A student patron at the reference desk asks...

Article: Advice from a Librarian' thumb | Elsevier

Advice from a Librarian: Information Literacy Instruction

Librarian Svetla Baykoucheva gives overview of a large-scale science information literacy program implemented at the University of Maryland College Park....

Article: 'Using key performance indicators to measure library performance' thumb | Elsevier

Using key performance indicators to measure library performance

Libraries across all sectors serve a particular purpose and set out to achieve the goals and objectives of the library’s stakeholders. These objectives will differ according to the nature and strategic function of the library...