Recent Exhibitions

This is an overview of recent conferences and exhibitions that Elsevier has participated in during the last three months. This interactive site displays most exhibitions featuring participation by Elsevier's Science & Technology and Health Science divisions. Please visit our upcoming exhibitions.

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11-Sep-2016 to 14-Sep-2016
International Conference on BioTribology
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, United Kingdom

11-Sep-2016 to 14-Sep-2016
International Conference on Sustainable Water Processing
NA, Sitges, Spain

10-Sep-2016 to 14-Sep-2016
European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons
NA, Copenhagen, Denmark

08-Sep-2016 to 12-Sep-2016
NA, San Francisco, United States

08-Sep-2016 to 16-Sep-2016
College of American Pathologists
NA, Las Vegas, United States

06-Sep-2016 to 09-Sep-2016
American Association of Petroleum Geologists ICE
NA, Cancun, Mexico

05-Sep-2016 to 09-Sep-2016
Urban Transitions
NA, Shanghai, China

04-Sep-2016 to 08-Sep-2016
European Conference on Diamond, Diamond-Like Materials, Nitrides and Silicon Carbide
NA, Montpellier, France

04-Sep-2016 to 07-Sep-2016
Vaccine Congress
NA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Booth/stand number(s) - 8

04-Sep-2016 to 07-Sep-2016
Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science
NA, Bremen, Germany

03-Sep-2016 to 08-Sep-2016
Federation of European Biochemical Societies
Ephesus Convention Center , Kusadasi, Turkey

03-Sep-2016 to 04-Sep-2016
European Student Council Symposium
NA, The Hague, Netherlands

03-Sep-2016 to 07-Sep-2016
European Respiratory Society
NA, London, United Kingdom
Booth/stand number(s) - 3.H 03

02-Sep-2016 to 03-Sep-2016
Congress of the European Federation of Internal Medicine
NA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

31-Aug-2016 to 04-Sep-2016
European Archaeology Association
NA, Vilnius, Lithuania

29-Aug-2016 to 02-Sep-2016
European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
NA, The Hague, Netherlands

29-Aug-2016 to 01-Sep-2016
NA, Montpellier, France
Booth/stand number(s) - 7-8

28-Aug-2016 to 02-Sep-2016
World Archaeological Congress
NA, Kyoto, Japan

28-Aug-2016 to 02-Sep-2016
European Microscopy Congress
NA, Lyon, France

28-Aug-2016 to 01-Sep-2016
International Xenopus Conference
NA, Crete, Greece

27-Aug-2016 to 04-Sep-2016
International Geological Congress
NA, Cape Town, South Africa
Booth/stand number(s) - H4

27-Aug-2016 to 31-Aug-2016
European Society of Cardiology
NA, Rome, Italy
Booth/stand number(s) - E2-F950

21-Aug-2016 to 26-Aug-2016
International Congress of Immunology
NA, Melbourne, Australia

21-Aug-2016 to 26-Aug-2016
International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
NA, Montreal, Canada

21-Aug-2016 to 26-Aug-2016
International Society of Electrochemistry
NA, The Hague, Netherlands