Recent exhibitions

This is an overview of recent conferences and exhibitions that Elsevier has participated in during the last three months. This interactive site displays most exhibitions featuring participation by Elsevier's Science & Technology and Health Science divisions. Please visit our upcoming exhibitions.

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18-Aug-2019 to 23-Aug-2019
NA, Barcelona, Spain

17-Aug-2019 to 19-Aug-2019
China NANO
NA, Beijing, China

13-Aug-2019 to 16-Aug-2019
International Veterinary Immunology Symposium
NA, Seattle, United States

13-Aug-2019 to 17-Aug-2019
European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction
NA, Aachen, Germany

10-Aug-2019 to 16-Aug-2019
NA, Macao, China

10-Aug-2019 to 16-Aug-2019
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
NA, Macao, China

09-Aug-2019 to 14-Aug-2019
American Accounting Association
NA, San Francisco, United States
Booth/stand number(s) - 39

09-Aug-2019 to 13-Aug-2019
Academy of Management
NA, Boston, United States

08-Aug-2019 to 11-Aug-2019
American Psychological Association
NA, Chicago, United States

08-Aug-2019 to 11-Aug-2019
American Psychological Association APA
NA, Chicago, United States

04-Aug-2019 to 09-Aug-2019
International Society of Electrochemistry
NA, Durban, South Africa

04-Aug-2019 to 08-Aug-2019
Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo AACC
NA, Anaheim, United States

03-Aug-2019 to 07-Aug-2019
NA, Anchorage, United States

28-Jul-2019 to 01-Aug-2019
US National Congress on Computational Mechanics
NA, Austin, United States

28-Jul-2019 to 01-Aug-2019
Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium
NA, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Booth/stand number(s) - 30LA

28-Jul-2019 to 02-Aug-2019
NA, Keystone, United States

27-Jul-2019 to 30-Jul-2019
Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior
NA, Minneapolis, United States
Booth/stand number(s) - 3

25-Jul-2019 to 29-Jul-2019
Society for Developmental Biology
NA, Boston, United States

25-Jul-2019 to 31-Jul-2019
XVIIth International Union for Quaternary Research Congress 2007
NA, Dublin, Ireland

23-Jul-2019 to 27-Jul-2019
41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
NA, Berlin, Germany

21-Jul-2019 to 24-Jul-2019
Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting and Exposition
NA, Valencia, Spain

20-Jul-2019 to 24-Jul-2019
Biophysics for Life and Technology
NA, Madrid, Spain

20-Jul-2019 to 24-Jul-2019
American Society for Virology
NA, Minneapolis, United States

19-Jul-2019 to 24-Jul-2019
World Congress of Wilderness Medicine
NA, Colorado Springs, United States

17-Jul-2019 to 20-Jul-2019
World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
NA, Berlin, Germany