Current and upcoming exhibitions

Elsevier participates in several hundred exhibitions every year. This allows us to personally meet our customers, editors, authors and show case Elsevier products. This interactive site displays exhibitions attended by Elsevier's Science & Technology and Health Science divisions. A list of our recently attended exhibitions is also available online.

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01-Nov-2018 to 30-Nov-2018
Case Annual Lecture
NA, London, United Kingdom

01-Nov-2018 to 30-Nov-2018
Urban Studies
NA, Barcelona, Spain

13-Nov-2018 to 17-Nov-2018
Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
NA, Orlando, United States

14-Nov-2018 to 17-Nov-2018
Society for Redox Biology and Medicine SFRBM
NA, Chicago, United States

15-Nov-2018 to 18-Nov-2018
Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies ABCT
NA, Washington, United States

15-Nov-2018 to 19-Nov-2018
American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
NA, Seattle, United States

25-Nov-2018 to 30-Nov-2018
Materials Research Society
NA, Boston, United States

25-Nov-2018 to 28-Nov-2018
Radiological Society of North America
NA, Chicago, United States

30-Nov-2018 to 04-Dec-2018
American Epilepsy Society
NA, New Orleans, United States

01-Dec-2018 to 31-Dec-2018
ERCIM Working Group on Computational and Methodological Statistics
NA, London, United Kingdom

01-Dec-2018 to 04-Dec-2018
American Society for Hematology
NA, San Diego, United States

03-Dec-2018 to 05-Dec-2018
State Science and Technology Institute
NA, Salt Lake City, United States

04-Dec-2018 to 08-Dec-2018
San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
NA, San Antonio, United States

05-Dec-2018 to 08-Dec-2018
Council of Graduate Schools Conference
NA, Washington, United States

07-Dec-2018 to 09-Dec-2018
American College of Cardiology Cardiovascular Symposium
NA, New York, United States

08-Dec-2018 to 12-Dec-2018
American Society for Cell Biology
NA, San Diego, United States
Booth/stand number(s) - 216

09-Dec-2018 to 13-Dec-2018
NA, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

10-Dec-2018 to 14-Dec-2018
American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
NA, San Francisco, United States

17-Dec-2018 to 19-Dec-2018
Conference on Decision and Control
NA, Florida, United States

18-Dec-2018 to 20-Dec-2018
British Pharmacological Society
NA, London, United Kingdom

25-Jan-2019 to 29-Jan-2019
American Library Association Mid-Winter
Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, United States
Booth/stand number(s) - TBD as of 03.15.2018

02-Mar-2019 to 06-Mar-2019
Biophysical Society Annual Meeting
NA, Baltimore, United States

12-Mar-2019 to 14-Mar-2019
London Book Fair
Olympia Grand Hall, London, United Kingdom

30-Mar-2019 to 03-Apr-2019
American Association for Cancer Research
Atlanta Hilton, Atlanta, United States
Booth/stand number(s) - 3027

31-Mar-2019 to 04-Apr-2019
American Chemical Society - Spring meeting
NA, Orlando, United States