Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Elsevier participates in several hundred exhibitions every year. This allows us to personally meet our customers, editors, authors and show case Elsevier products. This interactive site displays exhibitions attended by Elsevier's Science & Technology and Health Science divisions. A list of our recently attended exhibitions is also available online.

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04-Mar-2016 to 07-Nov-2016
American Pharmacists Association
NA, Baltimore, United States

24-Jul-2016 to 28-Jul-2016
Society for Invertebrate Pathology
NA, Tours, France

24-Jul-2016 to 28-Jul-2016
Alzheimer's Association International Conference
NA, Toronto, Canada

25-Jul-2016 to 29-Jul-2016
IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence
NA, Vancouver, Canada

28-Jul-2016 to 31-Jul-2016
American Academy of Dermatology Summer
NA, Boston, United States

30-Jul-2016 to 02-Aug-2016
Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior
NA, San Diego, United States

30-Jul-2016 to 07-Aug-2016
COSPAR Scientific Assemble
NA, Istanbul, Turkey

31-Jul-2016 to 04-Aug-2016
Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo
NA, Philadelphia, United States

31-Jul-2016 to 05-Aug-2016
International Symposium on Combustion
COEX Atlantic Hall, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

03-Aug-2016 to 10-Aug-2016
International Conference on High Energy Physics
Chicago Sheraton Hotel, Chicago, United States

04-Aug-2016 to 08-Aug-2016
Society for Developmental Biology
NA, Boston, United States

04-Aug-2016 to 07-Aug-2016
American Psychological Association
NA, Denver, United States

05-Aug-2016 to 09-Aug-2016
American Veterinary Medical Association
NA, San Antonio, United States

05-Aug-2016 to 09-Aug-2016
Academy of Management
NA, Anaheim, United States

06-Aug-2016 to 10-Aug-2016
American Accounting Association
NA, New York, United States

07-Aug-2016 to 12-Aug-2016
Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
NA, Fort Lauderdale, United States

07-Aug-2016 to 12-Aug-2016
International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy
NA, Nagoya, Japan

13-Aug-2016 to 17-Aug-2016
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
NA, San Francisco, United States

16-Aug-2016 to 19-Aug-2016
International Veterinary Immunology Symposium
NA, Gold Coast, Australia

17-Aug-2016 to 20-Aug-2016
European Finance Association
NA, Oslo, Norway

20-Aug-2016 to 23-Aug-2016
American Sociological Association
NA, Seattle, United States

21-Aug-2016 to 26-Aug-2016
International Congress of Immunology
NA, Melbourne, Australia

21-Aug-2016 to 25-Aug-2016
American Chemical Society Fall Meeting
NA, Philadelphia, United States

21-Aug-2016 to 26-Aug-2016
International Society of Electrochemistry
NA, The Hague, Netherlands

21-Aug-2016 to 25-Aug-2016
World Congress of Food Science and Technology
NA, Dublin, Ireland