Must Know Tips for Publishing in Premium Journals

Must know tips for publishing in premium journals - Webinars | Elsevier

Dr. Philip Earis | Editor-in-Chief, Joule

Do you want to publish in premium journals? Do you want to learn more techniques and strategies to get your research noticed? Join Dr. Philip Earis, Editor-in-Chief of Joule, Cell Press to learn about techniques and strategies for authoring in high impact journals. Dr. Earis will share his experiences on how to develop papers for premium publications and find the opportunities to broadly disseminate your findings. You can also expect to learn more about the growth of Cell Press in the physical sciences field with the new journal titles such as Chem, Joule, Matter and One Earth. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this informative and engaging webinar to benefit your research process and leave an impact in your field of research. Don’t forget to bring along a friend or colleague who may also find this of interest. About Dr. Philip Earis: Dr. Philip is a graduate of Cambridge University in England and brings over 10 years of experience in publishing impactful energy research to Joule. He joined Cell Press after living in India for over 3 years, where he founded and ran Project Light, an organization bringing solar power to marginalized off-grid communities in India. In this role, Dr. Philip worked closely with Indian and international scientists to develop and install appropriate solar energy technology. Please use the code XAAOBC to download your workshop certificate.

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