Optimizing clinical trial design with extracted efficacy data

Around 90% of the small molecule drugs that enter clinical trials do not make it to the market. Therefore, optimizing clinical trial design and reducing late stage failures are key priority for drug developers. With Phase II efficacy-related failure rates as high as 57%, many companies are seeking ways to improve their outcomes and reduce the climbing $2.6 billion costs to get one drug to market.

As clinical trials become increasingly more complex and costly, is even more critical to mitigate the risk of failed clinical trials or arms due to suboptimal study design or poor efficacy. Join us for this 45-minute webinar where Customer Consultant drug safety Jean-Dominique Pierret and Drug Safety Marketing Manager Dr. Marnix Wieffer will discuss how using PharmaPendium we can uncover critical information to make better more informed clinical development decisions.

This will include in-depth information and demonstrations of how to leverage the comparative data in PharmaPendium to reduce the risk of late-stage failures. With a focus on efficacy, we will discuss how PharmaPendium enables you to:

  • Find efficacy weaknesses early
  • Identify the most appropriate preclinical models,
  • Improve success rates of Phase I and II clinical trial designs by optimising selection of sample size
  • Primary/secondary endpoint and study design and
  • Prepare for more effective regulatory reviews

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