Addressing Questions & Unmet Needs in Melanoma Research and Treatment

The landscape for melanoma research and treatment has rapidly changed over the last decade. Since 2011, the FDA has approved 12 new melanoma treatment regimens – including new classes of drugs that are molecularly targeted therapies (BRAF/MEK inhibitors), immune checkpoint inhibitors (anti CTLA-4, PD-1/PD-L1) and other immunotherapies (e.g. T-Vec). Scientists have also unraveled many of the genomic mutations found in the most common form, cutaneous melanoma, melanoma that arises primarily on sun-exposed areas of the skin. With these advances in research and treatment, the key unanswered questions have changed rapidly and existing preclinical models may not be sufficient to answer such questions surrounding immune checkpoint inhibition; resistance development, comparing to cuaneous melanoma, and how to improve early detection.

Importantly, there are no models that accurately predict the patient journey. New models and additional research is needed to more fully represent all melanoma subtypes, stages, or treatment responses.

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