Elsa: The authoring and production tool that saves you time

This 45 minute webinar presented by Fiona Pattison, Joe Hayton and Lisa Gevais is an introduction to Elsa, the writing tool for Elsevier book editors, authors and contributors. You will learn why Elsa has been created and how it helps as an end-to-end content creation platform, and watch a live demo of Elsa.

    Property searching in Reaxys and related chemistry databases

    Presenter: Lisette van Kessel
    Date: Dec-10-2020
    Solutions: Reaxys; Research Intelligence
    Themes: Chemistry; Discoverability; Research; Stay up to date; Universities

    How do we find reliable spectroscopic, physico-chemical or biochemical properties of chemical substances quickly? Prof. Damon Ridley will walk us through the exciting wor

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    Emerging trends in telemedicine

    Presenter: Lisette van Kessel
    Date: Dec-07-2020
    Solutions: ´╗┐Analytical Services; SciVal; Scopus
    Themes: Analytics and big data; Coronavirus; Healthcare; Publishing

    This webinar will highlight: recent growth trends in global telemedicine research; critical success factors and strategies for increasing telehealth uptake.

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    Model-based strategy to clinical doses for ADC

    Presenter: Julie Desrivot Quenelle, Eric Didier
    Date: Oct-27-2020
    Solutions: Life Sciences
    Themes: Life sciences

    The PK/PD scientists has developed the modelling and simulation-based tools to guide the choice of most safe and efficacious dosing regimen of antibody drug conjugate.

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