20th Tetrahedron Symposium


Xiaoguang Lei, Peking University, China

Prof. Xiaoguang Lei Prof. Xiaoguang Lei received BS degree in chemistry at Peking University in 2001, and PhD degree in organic synthesis with Prof. John. A. Porco at Boston University in 2006. He then conducted postdoctoral research with Prof. Samuel J. Danishefsky at Columbia University from 2006 to 2008. In early 2009, he returned to China, and started his independent career as a PI and Director of Chemistry Center at National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS) in Beijing. In early 2014, he accepted a professorship and moved to Peking University. Prof. Lei’s research focuses on chemical biology, natural product synthesis and drug discovery. He has systematically used small molecules to elucidate several new molecular mechanisms for programmed cell death. He has received Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award, SCS Lectureship Award, The David Ginsburg Memorial Lectureship Award, CSJ Distinguished Lectureship Award, ICBS Young Chemical Biologist Award, Thieme Chemistry Journal Award, and IUPAC Young Chemist Award.