18th Tetrahedron Symposium


The conference will take place at the Novotel Budapest City & Budapest Congress Center, Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest Congress Center
Jagelló út 1-3, 
1123 Budapest


Situated on the Buda side of the River Danube, the Novotel Budapest City is just a 20 minutes walk from Buda castle and a short ride to downtown by public  transportation.

Budapest is an historic and cultural city with UNESCO world heritage sites  including the majestic Heroes' Square, magnificent Buda Castle, and the Danube  banks.

The capital has two sides, Buda and Pest, stretching along the banks of the  Danube, representing two different characters of the city. Suburban Buda and  its historic castle district offer medieval streets, museums, caves and Roman  ruins. The dynamic Pest side boasts the largest parliament building in Europe,  riverside promenades, flea markets and antiques, bookstores and bistros.

As well as visiting the museums and national galleries, make time during your  stay to visit the historical baths and modern spas. Budapest is rich is thermal  springs and has traditional Turkish baths dating back to 16th and 17th  centuries.

For more information on what to see and do in Budapest visit: http://budapest.gotohungary.com