Tetrahedron asia 2017


Dan Yang, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dan Yang earned a B.S. in Chemistry with the highest honor at Fudan University in China in 1985. Through the U.S.-China Chemistry Graduate Program, she obtained an M.A. from Columbia in 1988 under the direction of Professor Ronald Breslow. She then joined Professor Daniel Kahne’s group at Princeton, and got her Ph.D. in 1991. In the same year, she won a postdoctoral fellowship award from the Cancer Research Institute in New York to support her two-year research in Professor Stuart Schreiber’s group at Harvard. In 1993, she joined the faculty at The University of Hong Kong, where she is currently a chair professor of chemistry and the Morningside Professor in Chemical Biology.

Dan Yang’s research interests include (1) design, characterization and biomedical applications of self-assembled synthetic ion channels and transporters; (2) using natural products as probes to investigate signal transduction processes in inflammation and cancer; (3) development of fluorescent sensors for imaging cellular reactive oxygen species and investigating their relevant biological pathways.