Please see below for some of the responses received from the post conference survey completed by delegates to the 1st Global Conference on Emergency Nursing and Trauma Care

  • Excellent organised conference and was full of energy from all concerned. The buzz was a clear indication of how well people enjoyed the event.
  • Extremely well organised, both prior to and during the conference, Very professional.
  • Very interesting content which crosses other professional boundaries.
  • Good presentations with an international flair. Great subjects, good networking opportunities.
  • very open and friendly atmosphere
  • Excellent conference, well organised and extremely informative. With plenty of opportunity to meet and learn from other delegates in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.
  • I felt that there was a wide variety of topics presented. All topics linked well and it gave the opportunity to learn and network It was a fantastic mix of presentations from a variety of health care settings.
  • This was an excellent conference because the speakers were from many different countries.
  • Useful up-to-date information and some  inspiration for own research. Very informative with good mix of academics, researchers and clinicians.
  • Well organised and good speakers best conference I have been to in years.
  • Best conference I have been to. So well organised , great venue and food
  • Eminent key note speakers on pertinent issues
  • Exceptional planning and smooth running, good spread of content and excellent to see so many new first time presenters. Also great to see the clinical staff involved in research
  • Gave me lots of ideas that I can take from nursing research to paramedic practice
  • I really liked the App for my iPhone, it was really a great way to keep abreast of what was going on and when information was available months in advance allowing plenty of time for abstract submission and for planning of study leave amongst busy clinicians.
  • Lots of speakers were very at ease with delivery, motivational and clearly experts and leaders in their fields. It was fascinating to hear them speak.
  • Overall, the conference was high quality, excellent speakers, very well-organized, held in a pleasant venue, Elsevier staff were very friendly and helpful. This was an excellent opportunity to connect with researchers from outside my own country (USA). Also, it was a good value for the cost.
  • Great conference for both researchers and clinicians
  • The fact that I could share my ideas with nurses who could provide innovative solutions impressed me the most.
  • They were experts in their field and it was great to put a face to the people we read about in journals and to be able to meet up with them and ask questions

Feedback on the Poster in my Pocket App

  • Allowed me to examine the posters in depth at time convenient to me and also share with others. Excellent product, very useful
  • This app was a good idea. I don't like to carry a lot of papers around with me, so being able to access conference information on my phone was very helpful.

Feedback on the Conference app

  • Absolutely loved the app with access to abstracts and ppt and the reminders about my schedule!
  • Another excellent feature of the event.
  • Easy to schedule my own list - make notes.
  • Easy to use, regularly updated so very accurate.
  • Excellent overall app essential for note taking and planning which presentations to attend.
  • Excellent, live updates, great for keeping notes, would definitely use again
  • Good stuff! Answered practically all of my questions.
  • I particularly liked the ability to personalise my schedule.