ACS Spring 2021 Virtual Meeting

Macromolecular Chemistry: The Second Century

April 5-30

The ACS Spring 2021 meeting takes place virtually, providing access to myriad of talks, sessions, and Q&A panels to chemists around the world. Our new open access journals, recent books and chemical research solutions provide fundamental resources for your research needs. Elsevier is proud to continue supporting and empowering researchers in the chemical sciences.


An expert-curated chemistry database

A chemical database that improves R&D productivity

Chemists in every field search for chemistry literature and bioactivity data with Reaxys. Query and filter for chemical substances and reactions with an intuitive interface. And discover more property types than with any other chemistry database.

Start with quick search and customize with query builder — the most powerful query engine in a chemistry database. Reaxys has the largest number of customization options and a transparent query process. You can easily follow your chosen path through to results.

Designed by chemists, Reaxys is more than a fast and flexible chemistry database. It’s a cheminformatics solution that delivers chemistry facts the way chemists need them.

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Reaxys PhD Prize

The Reaxys PhD Prize recognizes accomplished young chemists for their innovative and rigorous research. It is a global competition, open to anyone who is doing or has recently completed a PhD in any discipline of chemistry. In 2020 the prize celebrated its 10th anniversary. You can stay up to date with the latest news regarding future competitions and catch up on the 2020 symposium here.

Meet our 2020 winners

These three early career chemists were awarded the Reaxys PhD Prize 2020 during a virtual Symposium which took place from Sept-30 to Oct-2 2020. They were chosen after each of the eleven shortlisted finalists gave 15-minute presentations describing the essence of their research. They proved to have all the skills and talent expected from a Reaxys PhD Prize winner.

Dr. Keiichi Yano from Professor Yoshimitsu Itoh’s group at the University of Tokyo
Presentation title: Supramolecular polymerization in liquid crystalline media

Mr. Rupert Proctor from Dr. Robert Phipps’ group at the University of Cambridge
Presentation title: Development of catalytic enantioselective Minisci-type reactions

Dr. Jianchun Wang from Professor Guangbin Dong’s group at the University of Chicago
Presentation title: Designing new norbornene cocatalysts for palladium/norbornene catalysis

New journals


The first gold open access journal dedicated to publishing original research articles and reviews on a broad range of topics related to colloid and interface science. A shared editorial team with Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, and Colloids and Interfaces A and B, ensures robust peer review and quality publication.

Find out more about JCIS Open

Talanta Open

Companion to the well-established Talanta, a new gold open access, online-only journal offering quality rapid review and publication to researchers working in all branches of pure and applied analytical chemistry.

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Current Research in Green & Sustainable Chemistry

As part of the CO+RE journal suite, this new primary research, gold open access journal publishes original papers and short communications on green and sustainable chemistry.

Find out more about Current Research in Green & Sustainable Chemistry


A brand new, peer-reviewed, gold open access journal publishing cutting edge organ(oid) and microfluidic device research.

Find out more about Organs-on-a-Chip

Clinical Spectroscopy cover

Clinical Spectroscopy

Focused on the translation of spectroscopy into the clinical environment to improve patient diagnosis and prognosis, this open access journal offers authors rigorous peer review, rapid decisions and high visibility.

Find out more about Clinical Spectroscopy

Current Research in Chemical Biology

As part of the CO+RE journal suite, this new primary research, gold open access journal publishes research on all aspects of chemical biology and related areas.

Find out more about Current Research in Chemical Biology

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology

JPAP focuses on results of fundamental studies covering all aspects of chemical phenomena induced by interactions between light and molecules/matter; as well as papers relating to investigations of the interaction of light with biological systems.

Find out more about Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology

Journal of Magnetic Resonance Open

Sharing the same mission as its parent journal, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, JMRO provides an open access option for articles covering Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Find out more about Journal of Magnetic Resonance Open

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When you publish open access with us you benefit from the world-class expertise of our editors and reviewers, state-of-the-art innovations that measure your impact and make your work more visible (and your life easier), and exposure on the world’s biggest publishing platform, ScienceDirect. Your work is also included in relevant indexes and databases, and we ensure that it always remains discoverable and accessible, no matter how much time passes.

Don’t just get published; get discovered! Publishing gold open access with us means millions of researchers around the world will be able to find and read your work – completely free.

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