Interview with... Dr. Xabier Mendioroz, Puerto de Hierro Hospital, Madrid (Spain)

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1. Describe your role within your hospital?

Dr. Xabier Cia Mendioroz, 4th year resident doctor of Cardiology at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid.

2. What are your key challenges in accessing evidence based information in your daily role?

Among the key challenges, I would highlight the importance of the quick and easy search for information regarding diagnostic and therapeutic doubts of various aetiologies, as well as the latest research in the different fields of cardiology. On the other hand, the challenge of discerning the different degree of evidence of each of the aetiologies and being able to obtain information from different types of sources (journals, books, communications, conferences, etc.)

3. From your perspective, what are the main benefits of using ClinicalKey?

I would highlight the simplicity in terms of how to carry out a research, as well as the ease in relation to the different filters such as, source (book chapters, journals, etc.), specialty, year of publication, language, among others. On the other hand, the information section aimed at the patient is of special interest, since it provides -in different documents- basic information to explain to the patient their illness and provide clear information on prevention and care through documents with clear, simple and well written ideas.

4. Do you think ClinicalKey has improved your ability to improveclinical decision making? How and inwhich area?

Somehow, yes, it does. In our institution we have had to resort to it on occasion with complex cases, obtaining the appropriate information for its management, with the different tools that the search engine provides, as previously mentioned.

5. Please tell us about anything you now do differently as a result of using ClinicalKey, to benefit that of yourself and of the patient

As for me, it makes it easier to find evidence-based information so that I can later put it into practice with my patients. In relation to patients, I again highlight the option of information for them; I find it one of the most beneficial features of ClinicalKey.

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