Discovery insights from...Dr. Shintaro Kosaka, Itabashi Chuo Hospital, Tokyo (Japan)

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1. Please briefly describe who you are and your institution?

I am Dr. Shintaro Kosaka. I’m a division chief of general internal medicine in Itabashi Chuo Hospital, Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan.

2. What was life like before you had ClinicalKey?

Before using ClinicalKey, there were many restrictions on access to articles, and there were often problems with temporary literature searches. It was wasteful to have many textbooks.

3. What benefits have you experienced since using ClinicalKey?

With ClinicalKey, I can easily reach the answers to my clinical questions. In addition, unlike similar products, I can also search for masterpieces in specialized fields such as Mandel, and directly access many papers.

4. How do you use ClinicalKey products in your day-to-day workflow?

I can share your paper by researching clinical questions during the rounds. Before consulting with an expert, I can then consult after studying in a textbook of the specialized area.

5. What’s the primary reason you would recommend ClinicalKey?

First of all, I would like to tell you that it is extremely convenient. Similar products are also convenient, but if you want to read primary literature and famous textbooks, I recommend ClinicalKey. This is especially recommended for senior residents and instructors.

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