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Lightning round: how Shadow Health and Transition to Practice can help new grad nurses

July 14, 2022 | 2 min read

By Elsevier Connect contributors

A female nurse hanging up an IV bag in a hospital room

Spend five minutes with Clinical Nurse Executive Tammy Purcell, MSN, RNC-OB and find out how nurse leaders can help new graduate nurses improve their practice readiness


“Transition to Practice and Shadow Health are education and support solutions that provide safe, realistic virtual learning environments for new graduate nurses to strengthen interpersonal communication, as well as the critical skills needed for quality patient care.

Tammy, beyond those basics, can you provide a brief explanation on how they compare for a nurse leader looking to implement virtual learning into their new grad nurse residency program?”

Tammy Purcell:

“Absolutely. There are two key skills to keep in mind here: “professional skills” and “clinical reasoning.” For new nurses, these solutions offer a safe, standardized, and realistic virtual simulation environment to strengthen these critical skills to feel ready for patient care.”


“Thanks Tammy—and when comparing the two solutions, can you provide additional detail on how these skills are developed, such as the learning modalities, within the platforms?”

Tammy Purcell:

“Sure—Transition to Practice helps strengthen the skills needed for professional quality practice through interactive modalities like healthcare simulations, games, and videos, in addition to self-reflection tools, which aim to open the lines of communication for new graduate nurses and their support team.

Shadow Health aims to strengthen clinical reasoning and therapeutic communication skills through interactions with over 100 diverse virtual patients with rich personal and medical histories. Learners can converse naturally – free from prompted dialogue – to practice in truly realistic scenarios."


“Could you say a bit more about how Shadow Health and Transition to Practice work together?”

Tammy Purcell:

“Definitely—while they both work in different ways, both Shadow Health and Transition to Practice share a common goal: to provide a safe, standardized, virtual patient simulation for new grad nurses to continue honing their skills for everyday practice.

They also both feature evidence-based content aligned with nursing practice standards and offer robust reporting and insights into how well novice nurses perform individually and in cohorts.

And because we’re talking about new nurses who need experience and confidence, both Shadow Health and Transition to Practice provide the ability for nursing leaders to offer timely interventions for at-risk nurses and provide tailored guidance and support, which helps new graduate nurses transition into practice.”

Ready to accelerate your new nurses’ skills and confidence?

Learn more about Elsevier’s Transition to Practice and Shadow Health.


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