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Generative AI: The right time to support the ongoing challenges facing healthcare

April 25, 2024

By Tim Morris

Reflecting on the advancements in healthcare technology that were profiled at HIMSS last month, I think it is important to recognise the step change in innovation that generative AI is already having across healthcare systems, and the mix of optimism and reservation that comes with it.

Witnessing the response to Elsevier's latest innovation, ClinicalKey AI, which was recently launched across North America, I'm energised by the promise this technology holds for improving decision-making efficiencies for clinicians all over the world. Healthcare systems are experiencing unprecedented challenges, with mass treatment backlogs, workforce burnout, and shortages, set against growing patient expectations. Whilst technology will never be the panacea for the difficulties facing healthcare systems, now feels like the right time for innovation to play a pivotal role in aiding workflow efficiencies and giving clinicians more time to talk to patients about what really matters.

ClinicalKey is Elsevier's leading clinical decision support and reference tool that streamlines access to high-quality, deep reference data and information. Now with the additional integration of AI, it offers a highly advanced conversational search interface to help clinicians find accurate, succinct clinical information.

What sets ClinicalKey AI apart is not only the ability to deliver comprehensive answers to complex questions, but it does so transparently, so users can understand and trust the response which has been built on evidence-based content. Clinicians today do not have the time to be a master of all specialities, nor find answers buried deep in rich content. This technology can provide authoritative answers that cover all specialities, cross co-morbidities and areas of expertise, to improve a holistic understanding of conditions.

As well as streamlining decision-making, democratising access to medical best practices, improving workflows, liberating resources, and easing the impact of workforce shortages, Clinical Key AI enables clinicians to focus more time on what really matters, providing the best possible care to their patients. With the potential of generative AI to also translate content into local languages and patient-level understanding, we envision a future where clinicians can harness this capability to enhance their skills and foster stronger relationships with patients, ultimately ensuring high-quality patient interactions.

As the adoption of this next generation of technology becomes widely available, it is critical that we continue to empower clinicians through skills development and training, to build their own critical thinking and encourage an enquiring mindset. With our rich and deep content, doctors and nurses everywhere can utilise this technology to maintain their knowledge, facilitate cross-speciality working in multi-disciplinary teams, train others, and learn new skills.

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