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Caring for the wellbeing of patients

The “steps” of a patient’s healthcare journey are not linear. For the patient, it is an ongoing and fluid journey that changes with every new test result, diagnosis or symptom. Patients crave insight. They want the ability to fully participate in their health decisions, yet many patients don’t know where to begin to address them. Successful patient education and engagement goes beyond providing discharge instructions. Rather providers must first understand:

  • Where each patient is within their health journey
  • What specific information they desire
  • Their literacy level
  • Their individual values and barriers to care

Up to 80%
of information is immediately forgotten by adult learners1

of adults struggle with understanding and using health information2

of patients 50 and older leave the hospital confused about what to do next3

Elsevier Clinical Nursing can support your organization in its efforts to improve the patient experience by providing the right information, in the right way, when the patient is ready to learn. Our easily accessible and trusted clinical information provides your nurses with a variety of education materials tailored to the patient’s situation, literacy level, language proficiency and learning style. This empowers both the nurse and patient to meaningfully communicate and engage in care decisions which helps reduce costly variations in care, promote better outcomes and ensure consistency of care for a more satisfying patient experience.


Enhancing the patient experience

Improving the patient experience remains a priority for healthcare organizations. Supporting your care team with access to clinical information integrated within workflows and the EHR allows them to personalize patient interactions, build meaningful relationships and better coordinate care across the continuum - ultimately driving HCAHPS scores, referrals and patient satisfaction.

Improving outcomes

Health literacy issues can inhibit successful communication between your care teams and their patients. Many patients leave the hospital confused about what to do next. By providing access to patient education materials in a variety of languages, literacy levels and formats, your care teams feel empowered to engage patients in their care, thereby driving better outcomes and reducing costly readmissions.

Empowering shared decision-making

Patients need information they clearly understand in order to make informed choices regarding treatment and care. Leveraging online decision support enables your clinicians to better understand patients’ care preferences and values. It also enables them to better support patients by providing more personalized care and proactively addressing their concerns.

Learn how to enhance the nursing journey with resources at every stage:

Custom Patient Education Manager

Save your organization’s proprietary content in a single location alongside Elsevier Interactive Patient Education, and consolidate information access into one single, familiar workflow.

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Health Library and Symptom Checker

Trusted, evidence-based test, illustrations and videos offer relevant education on symptoms, diseases and wellness information and provide decision support and self-care advice while guiding patients to seek the right level of care.

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Interactive Patient Education

Share evidence-based, patient-friendly healthcare information through videos, educational handouts and medication management tools.

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WiserCare Patient Decision Support

Interactive online decision modules help patients clarify and express their preferences, goals and barriers relative to appropriate medical treatments for their individual situation and share insights with their providers.

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