eBook: Navigating Health Literacy Challenges: Tailoring patient education to improve health outcomes

Navigating Health Literacy


Patients want the ability to fully participate in their health decisions and expect more frequent engagement and a personalized healthcare experience from you, the healthcare provider. The only way patients can take an active role in their health is if they fully understand their condition and how to properly care for themselves. This is where managing Health Literacy comes into play.

Promoting health literacy throughout all stages of the patient journey is expected and shown to be impactful for patient satisfaction. Healthcare providers who can personalize and administer the most relevant information at the right time, will be able to capitalize on these new expectations.

In this eBook, you read insights from our PX leaders about the changes they are making to address these new realities and the best practices they’ve put in place throughout the patient journey with special emphasis on the aging population (some of the most vulnerable to low health literacy).

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