Mission to Care: Driving consistent care throughout the patient’s journey

by Elsevier Clinical Nursing

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What stands in the way of consistent care?

Delivering consistent, high-quality patient care is impossible without an engaged and confident nursing staff. However, a range of pressures can interfere with healthcare organizations’ ability to fulfill that mission:

  • Challenges with orienting and educating nurses properly to overcome staff burnout and nursing shortages’
  • Fragmented systems and communications leading to a poor patient experience.
  • Inefficient systems that diminish productivity and introduce errors’

Discover Patient Experience

Elsevier Clinical Nursing can support your organization in its efforts to improve the patient experience by providing the right information, in the right way, when the patient is ready to learn. This empowers both the nurse and patient to meaningfully communicate and engage in care decisions which helps reduce costly variations in care, promote better outcomes and ensure consistency of care for a more satisfying patient experience.

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