Webinar recording: Superheroes to the Rescue: Battling the Challenges of Clinical Orientation and Retention

By Karen McCreary RN, BSN, MBA, Priscilla Bragg, MSN, MSEd, RAC-CT, and Tammy Purcell, MSN, RNC-OB

Hospitals are under constant pressure to reduce costs around clinical orientation and continuing education while also combating high turnover rates. The impact is staggering. Learn how you can become a Superhero to your organization by implementing key initiatives to battle the challenges. Hear first-hand success stories from guest Superheroes on how moving to standardized products has made a significant difference.


  • Karen McCreary RN, BSN, MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Concordia Community Support Services
  • Priscilla Bragg, MSN, MSEd, RAC-CT, Clinical Services Manager, Good Samaritan Society
  • Tammy Purcell, MSN, RNC-OB, Clinical Nurse Executive, Elsevier

Discover Orientation & Retention

Elsevier Clinical Nursing strives to help organizations support all stages of their nurse’s journey with immersive, personalized education that empowers nurses to deliver the highest level of care. As a result, your organization can improve onboarding satisfaction and nurse retention rates, while also reducing the financial and patient care impact of turnover.

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