Infographic: The staggering impact of orientation and retention on your bottom line

By Elsevier Clinical Nursing

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Nursing Impact

Hospitals are under continuous pressure to reduce costs and turnover, while increasing the efficiency of their staff. How are these goals addressed when orientation for new nurses is a costly and time-consuming investment, and hospital turnover rates are 18.2%1 on average? The impact is staggering. To combat turnover rates and reduce orientation and continuing education costs for new nurses, hospitals are turning to standardized orientation programs and evidence-based clinical resources. Providing trusted, consistent content across the entire care experience helps to engage and retain nursing staff. When nurses have the right tools at their fingertips no matter their stage in the nursing journey, they will feel engaged and confident in their practice. Download the infographic to learn more!

Discover Orientation & Retention

Elsevier Clinical Nursing strives to help organizations support all stages of their nurse’s journey with immersive, personalized education that empowers nurses to deliver the highest level of care. As a result, your organization can improve onboarding satisfaction and nurse retention rates, while also reducing the financial and patient care impact of turnover.

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