Next-Generation “Transition to Practice” Strategies

By Tiffany McCauley, RN, MSN, Clinical Executive, Elsevier

Key insights:

  • 1 in 5 newly-licensed nurses leave an organization during their first year, and 1 in 3 newly-licensed nurses leave within two years.1
  • Hospitals lose on average between $37,700 and $58,400 for each RN departure and between $5.2 and $8.1 million total annually. 2

There are many reasons why today’s healthcare organizations need to prioritize and optimize nursing education and onboarding strategies. Substantial challenges continue to plague the industry and nursing profession, and the outlook ahead is not very encouraging.

Between unprecedented professional shortages, high turnover and burnout rates, and a fluid healthcare landscape, staffing difficulties and dilemmas have reached a tipping point in many health systems. The critical need for effective recruitment and retention programs is not lost on nurse leaders, and many organizations have worked diligently to implement orientation and residency programs to get out in front of staffing gaps. Download today to learn more!

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Elsevier Clinical Nursing strives to help organizations support all stages of their nurse’s journey with immersive, personalized education that empowers nurses to deliver the highest level of care. As a result, your organization can improve onboarding satisfaction and nurse retention rates, while also reducing the financial and patient care impact of turnover.

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Tiffany McCauley

Tiffany McCauley, MSN, RN

Tiffany McCauley, MSN, RN serves as a Clinical Nursing Executive with Elsevier Clinical Solutions. In this role she collaborates with health care systems, academic centers and physician practices to reduce variation in care, standardizing practice and improving patient outcomes through the application of evidence-based decisions at the point of care. Prior to joining Elsevier McCauley lead the development of nursing and patient education programs at several leading community-based health care organizations.  Her focus has been on improving staff engagement and the patient experience by leading change initiatives related to standardizing clinical knowledge and practice while effectively engaging patients in their care across care settings. McCauley believes this is a key component in improving the healthcare experience for patients.

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