Mission to Care: Driving consistent care throughout the patient’s journey

by Elsevier Clinical Nursing

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What’s preventing clinicians from practicing at top-of-license?

While many experienced nurses are retiring today, many others are leaving because they’re burnt out by the physical and emotional toll of the job. Changing patient dynamics and increasingly complex care environments pose challenges to providing consistent care. Meanwhile, care is becoming more complicated with the growing emphasis on preventive care and the greater prevalence of chronic conditions.

Many organizations try to address these challenges by building their own systems or buying standalone solutions from different vendors for everything from patient education and care plans to role development and clinical guidance. But these approaches lead to disjointed systems that further complicate an already complex environment—and introduce variabilities that result in an inconsistent patient experience and negative patient outcomes.

To avoid these pitfalls, hospitals must empower nurses to drive consistent, quality care across the care continuum. That means they must overcome:

  • Challenges with orienting and educating nurses properly to overcome staff burnout and nursing shortages
  • Fragmented systems and communications leading to a poor patient experience
  • Inefficient systems that diminish productivity and introduce errors

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