Recorded webinar: 5 Ways to Advance Care Coordination Strategies at Your Organization

Speaker: Tiffany McCauley, RN, MSN, Clinical Nurse Executive, Elsevier


Hospitals and health networks are under an immense amount of pressure to provide coordinated patient care to maximize performance, achieve regulatory compliance, and promote better patient health outcomes. However, in a disjointed health system, effectively coordinating care for patients with complex health needs can be deceptively challenging.

Learn how to overcome the core challenges preventing your organization from effectively coordinating care throughout the patient journey. Subject matter expert Tiffany McCauley, MSN, RN, will demonstrate how to break down silos by building a framework for collaboration.

What you’ll learn:

  • Uncover the underlying barriers preventing your organization from achieving coordinated patient care.
  • Learn how to advance care coordination strategies at your organization by implementing a framework for collaboration.
  • Discover ways to sustain and optimize evidence-based interprofessional practice at your organization.
  • Learn innovative ways to enrich the patient experience and drive better patient health outcomes.

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Elsevier Clinical Nursing supports your organization in its efforts to deliver patient-centered, coordinated care through our digital tools, authoritative content and professional services. This helps your care team make well-informed decisions, reduce errors, promote better patient outcomes and ensure a unified standard of care throughout the entire patient journey.

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