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The Research Elements journals are a suite of journals dedicated solely to publishing research elements articles. Research elements articles are brief, peer-reviewed articles that complement full research papers and describe output that has come about as a result of following the research cycle – this includes things like data, methods and protocols, software, code, hardware and more.

Sharing this work in the form of a research elements article ensures your work is:Research wheel with journals

  • Sharable
  • Discoverable
  • Comprehensible
  • Reusable
  • Reproducible

Research Elements journals are all open access, ensuring your work is immediately and freely available to any researcher. They are also multidisciplinary and accept articles from any subject area.

Additionally, articles in our Research Elements journals:

  • Are easy to prepare and submit: submissions are templated and don’t take the time to write up that a full research article would
  • Are subject to a peer review process
  • Are indexed
  • Receive a DOI
  • Are fully citable so you can receive credit for your work
  • Contain or link to associated raw data
  • Can link to an associated original research article in another journal on ScienceDirect so both your original research article and research elements article gain visibility.

By enabling other researchers to fully access this work, you ensure they can apply your findings to their own research, keeping the research cycle alive.

DIB icon

DIB icon

Data in Brief publishes descriptions of research data that make them comprehensible and reproducible. The journal welcomes preliminary, negative or other data that would otherwise go unpublished and unseen. Articles can be submitted directly to the journal or co-submitted alongside an original research article in a participating Elsevier journal. Associated raw data should be either uploaded to a repository and linked to the article or hosted alongside with the article itself.

Visit the Data in Brief journal homepage

MEX icon

MEX logo

MethodsX publishes descriptions of the customizations and tweaks made to research methods and protocols. Articles can be submitted directly to the journal or co-submitted alongside an original research article in a participating Elsevier journal.

Visit the MethodsX journal homepage

HardwareX icon

HardwareX logo

HardwareX is an open access publication for the dissemination of open source science hardware. Articles in HardwareX describe the design, construction, characterization and use of scientific hardware in research, from complicated machinery to 3D printed tools. The journal provides an important outlet for communicating science infrastructure, an element in traditional publications which is often neglected. All design files required to reproduce the hardware must be uploaded in an open format to an external repository, or alongside the article.

Visit the HardwareX journal homepage

SoftwareX icon

SoftwareX logo

SoftwareX publishes high quality software articles that provide descriptions of research software. The journal aims to inform researchers about so­ftware applications, tools and libraries with a potential to impact the process of scientific discovery. The journal aims to be of particular interest to those predominantly working on so­ftware. Soft­ware is hosted on GitHub, given a stamp of scientific relevance and provided with a peer-reviewed recognition of scientific impact.

Visit the SoftwareX journal homepage

SIMPA icon

SIMPA logo

Software Impacts disseminates soft­ware of proven scientific relevance. It provides a scholarly reference to software that has been used to address a specific research challenge. The journal publishes software articles that describe the application of the software to research and the software is hosted on GitHub.

Visit the Software Impacts journal homepage

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