What is Proof Central?

Using the Proof Central online HTML interface tools you can quickly and easily input corrections, comments and change requests in your proof and submit them directly for correction.

The Proof Central author proofing solution allows you to:

  • Review and answer queries from the copy editor
  • Insert text in the article
  • Apply styling for, bold, italic, superscript and subscript text
  • Add attachments to replace or add to your submission
  • Add remarks to your attachments to describe them or direct us on how they are to be used
  • Apply edits and corrections to table cells
  • Annotate graphics with precision edits and comments
  • Edit math in the math editor mode or in the LaTex version mode of the equation
  • Delete content in the text, graphics or equations
  • Output a report of your edits and instructions you have made in your article

Proof Central online help