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Using the Proof Central online HTML interface tools you can quickly and easily input corrections, comments and change requests in your proof and submit them directly for correction.

Proof Central online help


The Proof Central author proofing solution allows you to:

  • Review and answer queries from the copy editor
  • Insert text in the article
  • Apply styling for, bold, italic, superscript and subscript text
  • Add attachments to replace or add to your submission
  • Add remarks to your attachments to describe them or direct us on how they are to be used
  • Apply edits and corrections to table cells
  • Annotate graphics with precision edits and comments
  • Edit math in the math editor mode or in the LaTex version mode of the equation
  • Delete content in the text, graphics or equations
  • Output a report of your edits and instructions you have made in your article

Proofing options

You can make corrections online or you can make your annotations and corrections in the PDF and then submit it back to Proof Central using the PDF upload option.

Option 1: Making corrections online

Once you make corrections and hit the submit button you can no longer input further corrections. Make sure you have made all corrections before hitting the submit button. If you want to input corrections in multiple sessions you can save the corrections and come back later to make more.

When multiple people are making corrections:

  • Using the Proof Central online HTML interface you can have multiple people making corrections if you send them the same link you received in the author email.
  • If you send this link to others to make corrections you would need to orchestrate the process very closely.
  • Each person needs to receive the link in sequence and make the corrections one at a time.
  • Each person needs to make sure when they were done making their corrections they save, NOT SUBMIT, the corrections and then notify the next person to make the corrections or the Corresponding Author managing the process.
  • It is very important if this option is used that each person closes the browser after they have completed their input and saving the corrections. It is also very important that each person does not click the SUBMIT button at the end of their corrections.
  • The submit button is only for the final person who will submit all of the corrections at the end.

Option 2: Making corrections with the downloadable PDF

For some journals there is an available capability of downloading the PDF in Proof Central by clicking on an ‘Annotate PDF’ hyperlink at the top left of the Proof Central interface. If the Annotate PDF link is not available then you do not have that option (see non-Annotate PDF option below). In the newer version of Proof Central, for most journals, this is no longer available. For these titles it is not possible to upload your corrections directly into Proof Central if you add them by downloading the PDF and annotating them in Adobe Acrobat Reader or other annotation software. The quicker and more optimal way of providing your corrections is making them directly in the HTML interface of Proof Central.

Proof Central Annotate PDF Link Option

For journals that have the Annotate PDF link option in the left of the Proof Central window you can provide PDFs with corrections and upload them through Proof Central. Proof Central includes a PDF version of your proof available to download. You can download the PDF make your annotations and corrections in the PDF and then submit it back through the available Proof Central PDF upload option.

Note: Once you decide to use the PDF option for inserting annotations and corrections you will no longer be able to use the HTML interface to make corrections.

If you have more than one person to review the proof you can download the PDF, make annotations and pass the PDF to all of the reviewers for their added annotations. Once everyone is done inputting the corrections in the PDF you can submit the single PDF back into Proof Central as the Corresponding Author.

Non-Annotate PDF option

For journals in Proof Central that do not have the annotate PDF link you still have the ability to download the PDF from Proof Central, annotate the PDF with a PDF tool and save it with the annotations. You can reply to the proof invitation email with your corrected PDF to send in corrections. Or The PDF can be submitted to a representative of the Research Support Center to send it to the journal manager.

You can find the online help and links to the Research Support representatives at the following page

Sending in corrections in a PDF is not optimal and can cause slightly longer processing time for your corrections to be input into your article.  You will need to ensure that you are using Adobe Acrobat version 11 or later to input the PDF annotations.

If you do not have version 11 or later you can download the latest version

User tips

If you perform a quick scan of these user and browser tips, you'll be able to optimize your experience using Proof Central.

Quick tips

  • Double-clicking on a word does not select the word as in word processors.
  • All hyperlinks will have to be double-clicked on to get to the hyperlinked content.
  • To insert special characters, use CharMap (Windows), Character Palette (Macintosh).
  • 'Edit Summary' does not list the attachments provided.
  • Complex editing in tables like merging cells, adding/deleting rows, columns, etc. cannot be performed. These are best provided as instructions.
  • To instruct on the layout of the article, use the View Page Proof link in the Reference Region and provide the instructions using the Instruct dialog in the Toolbox Region.

Browser tips

  • In Internet Explorer (IE), equations may not get displayed and an error titled 'Math Processing Error' may appear. This happens when IE is opened with add-ons disabled. To run Internet Explorer normally (with add-ons turned on), select Internet Explorer on the Start menu and do not click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). Now the equations will get displayed. For more details, refer to the Windows FAQ
  • In Internet Explorer (IE), on clicking 'Generate Report' or the 'View Page Proof' link, the message 'To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files from your computer. 'Click here for options...' might appear. The user has to click 'Download file' in order to open the report or the proof. Then again click, 'Generate Report' or the 'View Page Proof' link

Check list

Before submitting your article to Proof Central you need to go through the following check list.

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