Science and Technology book publishing


Our Science and Technology book authors and editors represent a broad range of specialty areas and are among the most well-respected and authoritative professionals in their communities. As your publishing partner, Elsevier seeks to drive the advancement and application of science and technology through the delivery of targeted and reputable information that supports research, learning and professional practice. We invite you to join a community of world-renowned thought leaders who have published books with Elsevier.

If you are a current or potential future Health Sciences author (including Health Professions, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and more), visit our Health Sciences Author Page to find out more about working with us.

What do we publish?

We publish a range of product types to suit different subject areas, information types and customer needs. These include:

  • References – Edited and authored by the most highly regarded experts in their fields, Elsevier's highly-cited handbooks and references are an invaluable source of reliable background knowledge on both established and emerging subject areas.
  • Textbooks – Elsevier publishes a wide range of innovative and award-winning textbooks for undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses, many of which also serve as foundational references for those no longer studying.
  • Fast-turn Content – These fast-moving, e-leading publications with a print on demand option offer a new publishing route for material of between 10 and 150 pages in published length, allowing us to get high value, time sensitive and cutting-edge information to market more quickly.
  • Major reference works (MRWs) – Our encyclopedias and comprehensive major reference works provide authoritative and accessible definitions and foundational information on a wealth of subjects, supporting in particular those engaging in cross-disciplinary work.
  • Reference Modules – Reference Modules are a focused collection of the most current interdisciplinary content from our Elsevier Major Reference Works. Reference Module content is continuously updated making it an ideal springboard to cross-disciplinary investigation and discovery.
  • Series and serials – Sitting between books and journals in nature, our collection of series and serials combine book-style review and coverage of subjects with the regularity, continuity and development of topic seen in journal publishing.
  • Laboratory and practical manuals – Elsevier's laboratory manuals feature the latest methods and protocols researchers need to consult when working at the bench, while our practical manuals provide step-by-step design and operating procedures, including regulatory information, for use in technical industries.
  • Atlases – Elsevier publishes some of the most well respected and highly cited atlases supporting scientific research and study, including the sixth edition of The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates.

To discuss any of these product types further or seek guidance on how your book idea might best develop, contact the relevant Elsevier Acquisitions Editor for your area.

Why publish with us?

By collaborating with Elsevier, you will engage in a partnership with a team of highly skilled publishing professionals who support your vision and can offer expert guidance on how to turn your idea into a successful published reality.

  • As well as publishing in print, our new books are all optimized for delivery in a variety of electronic formats, including publication on the leading full-text scientific database ScienceDirect, which reaches more than 16 million users
  • We have a long-standing commitment to quality, accuracy and reliability in our editorial and production activities, and the international sales and marketing reach to ensure your book is available and discoverable to the readers who need it across the globe
  • As an Elsevier author/editor, you are entitled to a discount of 30% off the normal list price of many of our science and technology publications, excluding Major Reference Works
  • As an affiliate, you can promote your books and other Elsevier products on your own web properties to drive qualified traffic to the Elsevier Store. When purchases result from these traffic referrals, you will earn a commission on the amount of the sale. For information on how to apply to this free program, visit our Affiliate Program