Geospatial Data

Visualizing Geospatial Data

Geospatial data will be visualized on Google Maps and displayed below the Abstract section of your article. Maps will only appear in the HTML version of your article.

Example Articles

Author Instructions


Files must be in the KML or KMZ format. For files to display properly, please note the following:

  • Maximum file size is 3 Mb
  • Maximum number of network links is 10
  • Maximum number of elements is 1000
  • Elements cannot be time-animated
  • 3D models are not compatible
  • Mouseover annotations are used instead of a legend
  • As we use GoogleMaps, we support these KML elements.


Please upload your file to the submission system as a supplementary file, selecting “Interactive Map Data (KML or KMZ)” as the submission type.

Reviewer Instructions

Reviewers will find your KML/KMZ files in the supplementary material submitted with the manuscript.