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Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry

Also previewing articles from new Reference Module in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Psychology at Elsevier booth # 70

Body mass index in late adolescence predicts development of subsequent severe liver disease, according to 40-year study of nearly 45,000 Swedish men, reports the Journal of Hepatology

A new open access publication joins the ISN family of journals

In-depth, multi-study analysis characterizes role of contemporary bariatric surgery procedures in benefiting serum lipids, reports The American Journal of Medicine

New study helps fill knowledge gap on the impact of nanotechnology on plants

Significant improvements seen across multiple sociodemographic groups, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Tiny lipid bubbles packed with melatonin make tamoxifen more effective

Also introduces four other new genetics and healthcare informatics titles

Carbon nanodots can graft molecules, making them more effective antimicrobials

Deal sets the foundations for a long-term strategic and collaborative relationship

Reports new study in Biological Psychiatry

Simple, affordable breath test may give more patients a better chance for cure