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New special issue of the European Journal of Internal Medicine aims to bring cannabis into mainstream medicine

A study in Biological Psychiatry examines the sex-specific molecular changes in major depressive disorder

A study in Biological Psychiatry examines the relationship between air pollution exposure during fetal life, brain abnormalities and cognitive impairment

A study in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging investigates the brain mechanisms underlying autobiographical memory disturbance in depression

The earliest oxygen-producing microbes may not have been cyanobacteria

Tobacco smoke exposure during pregnancy is worse for children with asthma than postnatal secondhand smoke exposure, according to a new study in the journal CHEST®

Clinical Decision Support - Care Planning, a 2018 KLAS Category Leader for the second year in a row, to be featured with Elsevier’s other world-class decision support tools

Absorption and utilization of macro- and microminerals detailed in a new review from the Journal of Dairy Science®

Broad evidence now supports the potential of school-based services for the treatment of a wide range of child mental health problems

Special issue of the Journal of Cancer Policy to launch after the 3rd EORTC Cancer Survivorship Summit

New study of nearly 14,000 individuals finds reassuring lack of evidence of the effect of infrequent, relatively light use of marijuana on kidney function, reports The American Journal of Medicine

Bites, kicks, and stings from farm animals, bees, wasps, hornets, and dogs continue to represent the most danger to humans, according to a new study in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine

Storms may be more powerful – and more damaging – than previously shown

Research published in Materials Today reveals how to make highly-efficient solar cells, more stable than previous devices made with related materials

Two reports published in Biological Psychiatry demonstrate an approach to use electronic health records to investigate the biological basis of neuropsychiatric symptoms