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Despite recent negative reports, data published in The Journal of Urology® indicate good outcomes and less risk of repeat surgery in patients with specific types of pelvic organ prolapse

A new study in Biological Psychiatry examines the relationship between early childhood adversity and immune function on susceptibility to cocaine addiction in adulthood

Elevated levels of lysophosphatidic acid found in brain areas associated with cell death and axonal injury as well as in blood, reports The American Journal of Pathology

Protective effects of azithromycin treatment in patients highlight the clinical utility of measuring telomere length, according to a new study in the journal CHEST®

A cyclist in a peloton experiences five to ten times less air resistance than previously assumed

Study of snatch style athletes in China finds secrets to elite weightlifting

Expanded content in Gold Standard Drug Database supports health professionals and healthcare organizations in preventing clinically and financially harmful drug dosing errors

JDS ranks fourth by Impact Factor among Agriculture, Dairy, and Animal Science journals

As category winner for Best Content Search, Discovery & Analytics, the award confers peer-to-peer recognition for excellence as a research platform and digital content solution

Science And TechnologyPreprints with The Lancet launches on SSRNJun 28, 2018

Further study of pediatric anxiety disorders is needed to better understand the increased risk for various adult mental health disorders

Can patients’ surgical outcomes be improved by using waiting time to get older patients into better shape before operations? Cardiac specialists describe two clinical trials and highlight the benefits of the NEW approach to cardiac prehabilitation in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Behavioral problems and poor cognitive outcomes may be linked to food insecurity in children, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior