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Storms may be more powerful – and more damaging – than previously shown

Research published in Materials Today reveals how to make highly-efficient solar cells, more stable than previous devices made with related materials

Two reports published in Biological Psychiatry demonstrate an approach to use electronic health records to investigate the biological basis of neuropsychiatric symptoms

BUCM expertise will help enrich and enhance existing Elsevier content; opening new resources up to users as research and evidence about traditional Chinese medicine grows

A genome-wide association study in Biological Psychiatry investigates the biological origins of opioid dependence in European-Americans

Report on famine trends published in Political Geography wins Elsevier’s Atlas award for January 2018

Successful preschool nutrition education programs should simplify information into developmentally appropriate concepts, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

Turning data from salmon ear stones into sound can help citizen scientists track their movement

Discordant students are 70 percent more likely to have had suicidal ideas or to have made suicide attempts, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Compared with whites, blacks have a higher risk of developing an ischemic stroke whether the stroke occurred before or after an initial AF diagnosis, report scientists in a new population-based study published in HeartRhythm

Early-career researchers living and working in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ecuador, Guyana, and Indonesia have been recognized for their work in mathematics, physics and chemistry

Free virtual resource focuses on latest research on and physician education about von Hippel-Lindau Disease