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New books focus on emerging membrane technologies for use by chemical engineers and materials scientists

Signal processing expert authors new book providing in-depth understanding of major machine learning methods

Author Dr. Jack Lemons to receive 2015 Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal Award at Society for Biomaterials 2015 Annual Meeting & Expo

Dr. Sigurdsson, Editor-in-Chief of The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes, predicted the end of recent volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Human and comparative reproduction, genomics, regenerative medicine, clinical trials top the list of subjects

Books honored with “Most Promising New Textbook Excellence Award” and“Textbook Excellence Award”

New toxicology books at Society of Toxicology’s Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Brain Mapping: an Encyclopedic Reference offers broad overview of neuroimaging concepts with applications across the neurosciences and biomedical research

26-volume edition features more than 3,900 chapters providing broad, deep interdisciplinary knowledge

Report reveals the city’s research strengths to help maximize return on intellectual capital by aligning economic development strategies