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The new books include five volumes from the Elsevier Hazards and Disasters series, and one about studies of Superstorm Sandy

Design Note Collection edited by analog circuit design leader Bob Dobkin offers refined and practical design techniques

Book discusses the biological process of fitness, sports nutrition and human endurance

Biomedical and life science researchers now have a new source of trustworthy reference content updated as science progresses

Books include latest research and standards in food safety, security and quality

Elsevier's Scopus data and metrics from SciVal analytics to be used for research evaluation Institutional data collection and global reputation survey brought in-house by Times Higher Education to provide a richer picture of university performance

Books edited by George Paxinos, John Byrne, George Koob, Pascal Wallisch and others on display at Neuroscience 2014 in Washington, DC, November 16-19

Ten more content providers sign on to offer engineers access to a diverse range of content paired with interactive tools

While 70% of all brain and neuroscience research is done by US and the EU, China is the fastest growing and biggest contributor to the field

Books focus on the role of energy in society, sustainability, biofuels and future global energy challenges

Science And TechnologyTEST ST05-Nov-2014

Books on state-of-the-art drug discovery, safety, design, manufacturing, stability and screening will be on display at 2014 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, November 2-6

Embase facilitates compliance with regulatory guidelines and competitive analysis for product development

Books focus on assessment and prevention of hazards and disasters for use by environmental science and earth systems researchers and professionals