WuXi AppTec Adopts Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry to Support Research and Expansion Ambitions

Deal sets the foundations for a long-term strategic and collaborative relationship

Philadelphia, PA, June 13, 2016

Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced that WuXi AppTec, the world’s largest Contract Research Outsourcing (CRO) provider, has adopted Reaxys® and Reaxys® Medicinal Chemistry. More than 3,500 chemists across WuXi will use the products to support their synthetic chemistry and medicinal chemistry research, giving them quick and easy access to state of the art chemistry information. The deal also supports WuXi’s ambitions to expand and move into newer areas, such as medicinal chemistry, and to build strong technology platforms.

“As we expand our offerings, our focus is less on point solutions, and more on partnership with providers who can offer complete solutions that support a broad set of needs for our researchers across the organization,” said Mr Lucent Lu, VP Procurement of Wuxi Apptec. “Elsevier’s ability to provide robust solutions covering an entire spectrum of chemistry and other life science research disciplines made Reaxys a natural fit for us.”

By extracting and indexing more than 500 million experimental details, the Reaxys platform provides the most robust system for searching published, reviewed data, along with the ability to utilize data in the manner that most suits researchers’ workflows and needs. Reaxys, with its recent expansion of chemistry data and capabilities, encompassing content from over 16,000 periodicals, provides the deepest and richest fact-base of experimentally measured chemistry data. Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry offers access to data from a vast repository of peer-reviewed journal articles and patents, and is interoperable with Reaxys. Both solutions also integrate with technology from other vendors, allowing WuXi to incorporate its own data and content. Coupled with the flexibility of its search function and the way results are presented, this will enable chemists to more effectively examine the reactions and relationships between different compounds, supporting WuXi’s continued growth in medicinal chemistry, and its novel pharma R&D business.

The five-year agreement between Elsevier and WuXi took effect in December 2015, and consists of an unlimited license for both solutions that covers all WuXi sites. Established for over 13 years, WuXi AppTec has operations in both China and the United States, with over 3 million square feet of laboratory and manufacturing space.

“In an increasingly competitive market, many pharmaceutical and Life Science organizations employ CRO providers to boost productivity and the success rate of research,” said Dr. Guenther Kurapkat, Head of R&D Solutions for Pharma & Life Sciences, Elsevier. “For the providers themselves, productivity is vital. Tools that provide timely access to accurate and relevant data will ensure greater productivity and the success of any research. We value having a well-regarded and global CRO provider as a customer, and look forward to building a foundation for a long-term strategic and collaborative relationship.”

The Reaxys® solutions empower early discovery in drug development with access to over 500 million published experimental facts on compounds, reactions and bioactivity, including structure–activity relationship (SAR) data supporting hit identification, lead optimization and synthesis planning.

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