illumin8 Increases Corporate R&D Productivity With New Technology Landscaping Capabilities

Elsevier’s Intelligent Web Search Technology Sets the Standard for Data Extraction from High-Quality Content Sources

New York, October 29, 2008 - Elsevier, the leading publisher of scientific, medical and technical products and services, today announced the newest upgrade to illumin8, a web-based semantic text-mining solution designed to help corporate research professionals answer complex R&D questions with greater speed and effectiveness. The product is part of Elsevier’s portfolio of advanced information retrieval tools that transforms its high value content into actionable knowledge to improve ROI for corporate R&D and drive efficient, effective innovation.

For end-users, illumin8 is now even “smarter” in that users do not need to remember arcane search parameters or syntax. Instead, users can simply enter the phrase they are interested in and the system figures out how to interpret it. This built-out search logic is able to ferret out very relevant, specific information to answer tough questions for R&D professionals working in innovation, technology intelligence, and related areas.

“Users have specifically noted that doing research without illumin8 would have taken weeks and wasted countless hours sifting through data that was not relevant to each individual project,” said Shawn Holt, vice president product & business development with Elsevier for illumin8. “illumin8 allows researchers to cut to the chase and reflects our commitment to delivering Elsevier’s high quality content in a way that is most readily usable and reliable for our corporate customers.”

Enhanced technology landscaping capabilities provide R&D users with new result types that prove valuable for research projects on specific technology categories. With this upgrade researchers will experience a boost in productivity and a faster and more seamless research process, including:
* Richer results providing a technology overview or landscape including organizations, products, approaches, benefits, people associated with a technology or product category;
* Smarter search logic that relieves the user of having to enter specialized syntax or parameters;
* Explicit display of result types showing the semantic relationship of the result to the search input; and,
* Addition of nearly half a million pre-defined technology terms to the search guide.

These enhancements operate on illumin8’s vast content store, comprised of Elsevier’s premium full-text content, scientific abstracts from 4,000 publishers, millions of patents and 5 billion of web pages.

illumin8 searches across a wide range of technical and subject domains allowing it to serve the needs of research professionals in a number of different of fields, including automotive, oil & gas, electronics, chemicals, coatings, home repair/decoration, consumer goods and packaging.


About illumin8
is a part of Elsevier’s suite of online solutions that unlocks new value from the company’s worldclass content and other sources, improve ROI for corporate R&D and driving more efficient, effective innovation. illumin8 is revolutionary in that it is designed to go beyond elementary Google keyword search, leveraging patent-pending semantic indexing technology to extract a detailed summary of benefits/applications, innovators, products, experts, users, organizations associated with and sellers of technologies. illumin8 users can also access the full-text of Elsevier journals if they have an online subscription to the journal through ScienceDirect, the world’s largest online platform of science, technical and medical (STM) content. Elsevier offers a broad spectrum of solutions to make Research and Development processes more efficient. More information can be found at

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Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps scientists and clinicians to find new answers, reshape human knowledge, and tackle the most urgent human crises. For 140 years, we have partnered with the research world to curate and verify scientific knowledge. Today, we’re committed to bringing that rigor to a new generation of platforms. Elsevier provides digital solutions and tools in the areas of strategic research management, R&D performance, clinical decision support, and professional education; including ScienceDirect, Scopus, SciVal, ClinicalKey and Sherpath. Elsevier publishes over 2,500 digitized journals, including The Lancet and Cell, 39,000 e-book titles and many iconic reference works, including Gray's Anatomy. Elsevier is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers.

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