Endeavor Information Systems unveils vision for Hybrid Library System

Chicago, April 25, 2006 — Endeavor Information Systems (www.endinfosys.com), one of the leading global providers of integrated library management systems, chose its eleventh annual Users Group Meeting, EndUser 2006, as the platform for presenting the company’s vision for the future of library software, the Hybrid Library System.

Endeavor President and CEO Roland Dietz introduced the vision for the Hybrid Library System as part of his keynote address, during the conference’s General Session. “By amassing feedback and insights from our customers, conducting independent market research, and tapping into the cumulative industry knowledge of our product development and management teams, we arrived at this forward-looking vision for the Hybrid Library System,” said Dietz. 

The Hybrid Library System leverages existing elements of Endeavor’s established suite of products that manage both physical and electronic resources at different types of institutions, including national, academic and research, public, corporate, museum and specialty libraries. It builds on Endeavor’s foundation layer of technology, which includes:

Voyager® - the company’s flagship integrated library management system
Meridian™ - a centralized, electronic resource management system
Curator™ - a comprehensive system for searching, creating and managing digital resources
Journals Onsite™ - an enterprise-level system enabling libraries to locally store, search and browse electronic journals

It is also based on the company’s recently announced Discovery suite of utility products that enable users to easily retrieve, view and access the most relevant information from library resources. However, the Hybrid Library System introduces newer technology elements that will provide richer functionality to library staff and patrons. Highlights of the vision include:

A consistent user interface across all of Endeavor’s repositories. Development is already underway on a Voyager public interface, which will serve as the prototype for the company’s other foundation and Discovery™ products. Enhancements in navigation and screen displays will also be realized.

Enhanced distributed search capabilities. Complementing its federated search product, Discovery: Resolver™, Endeavor is focused on expanding its capabilities in providing distributed search to its customers. By leveraging the same search engine(s) across multiple repositories, users can take advantage of sophisticated features, such as sorting and clustering, as well as more advanced spell-check and internal dictionaries.

Advances in data exchange/workflow. Endeavor will deliver more interactivity between all the company’s content repositories, with the goal of making this analysis seamless to the end user. This will improve the ability for customers to move data back and forth between different Endeavor repositories, and will also allow library staff to manage the repositories more efficiently. The company also plans to expand its ability to deliver automatic data feeds that will provide additional support for acquisitions librarians. 

Encapsulating Endeavor products and repositories in Web services. With the goal of expanding the reach of Endeavor technology, the company is planning to develop a host of expanded Web services. These services will increase the level of interaction between Endeavor’s products and interfaces with external applications and services, including third party software.

“We believe this vision will set the standard in the industry for years to come,” continued Dietz. “Specifically, the widespread application of Web services will help meet the growing need for libraries to interact more seamlessly with different institutional applications, as well as third party software.”

“This vision recognizes that while the management of physical assets within libraries is and will continue to be a critical concern, the rapid growth of digital collections is already transforming how library software providers are approaching the market,” said Sara Randall, director of strategic products at Endeavor. “As our customers increasingly ingest and manage more digitally-born materials, Endeavor will complement this with expanded solutions that address this trend.” 

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Endeavor Information Systems produces advanced library management systems for research and public librarians seeking to integrate ever-increasing electronic resources within their collections. Since 1994, Endeavor has pioneered library management systems by offering enhanced functionality coupled with intuitive interfaces that increase usability and efficiency. Its heritage of technological innovation and service to libraries as well as its significant financial strength as a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier combine to make Endeavor Information Systems an industry leader. Visit Endeavor at www.endinfosys.com for more information.

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