Elsevier MDL Integrates GeneGo’s MetaCore™ 4.0 Data Mining Platform And MetaDrug™ 4.0 Systems Pharmacology Platform Into The DiscoveryGate® Platform

Researchers can now identify drug targets and bioactive compounds via pathway analysis

San Ramon, CA and St. Joseph, MI - March 15, 2007 - Elsevier MDL and GeneGo have collaborated to integrate the GeneGo databases for systems biology and pathway analysis MetaCore 4.0 and MetaDrug 4.0 with the MDL suite of synthesis, sourcing and bioactivity databases via the DiscoveryGate platform.

"We partnered with Elsevier MDL for in-depth coverage of literature- and patent-derived information relevant for compounds," said Julie Bryant, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at GeneGo. "Integrating the content on DiscoveryGate with MetaCore and MetaDrug opens new applications in medicinal chemistry including high-throughput and high-content screening, hit selection and validation, lead development programs and chemogenomics."

"We are delighted to integrate DiscoveryGate content with MetaDrug and GeneGo’s flagship product, MetaCore," said Trevor Heritage, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Elsevier MDL. "Now biologists can quickly review data reported on drug development compounds used in their studies, while chemists can gain insight into molecular pathways related to their lead compounds and related structures."

Scientists can now use MetaCore and MetaDrug to correlate genomics data and interactions of drug targets with bioactive compounds via pathway analysis while accessing related information on drug safety, pharmacology, biological effects, metabolism, chemical synthesis, chemical sourcing and literature citations provided through DiscoveryGate. This integration unites the content on DiscoveryGate with genomics and metabolomics information, providing new ways of correlating this information with cheminformatics.

MetaCore is an integrated software suite for functional analysis of experimental data based on a proprietary, manually curated database of human protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-compound interactions, metabolic and signaling pathways and the effects of bioactive molecules. MetaDrug is a unique systems pharmacology platform designed for evaluation of biological effects of small molecule compounds on the human body. MetaDrug helps to solve such problems as drug's mechanism of action, toxicity and off-target effects, deduced from the structure and any kind of supplementary 'omics' data.

DiscoveryGate is the first stop for scientific information and answers to chemical, pharmaceutical, biological and related discovery questions. A powerful Web-based environment, DiscoveryGate integrates, indexes and links scientific information to give immediate access to compounds and related data, reactions, original journal articles and patents, and authoritative reference works on synthetic methodologies—all from a single entry point.

For more information about the seamless integration of MetaCore and MetaDrug with DiscoveryGate, contact your Elsevier MDL account manager or visit www.mdl.com.


About GeneGo
GeneGo develops systems biology technology for life science research. The original computational MetaDiscoveryTM platform allows an integration and expert analysis of different kinds of experimental data (mRNA expression, proteomics, metabolomics, microRNA assays and other phenotypic data) and relevant bioactive chemistry (metabolites, drugs, other xenobiotics) within the framework of curated biological pathways and networks. GeneGo's flagship product, MetaCore 4.2TM, assists pharmaceutical scientists in the areas of target selection and validation, identification of biomarkers for disease states and toxicology. The second product, MetaDrug2.0TM is designed for prediction of human metabolism, toxicity and biological effects for novel small molecules compounds. MetaBaseTM represents the knowledge base for MetaCore. For more information, please visit the company's web site at www.genego.com.

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Julie Bryant
Vice President, Business Development
Phone: +1 (858) 756-7996

Jean Holt
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
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