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0.8 percent of 69,000 reviewers were associated with suspicious citation patterns, according to a study analyzing reviewers and their citations in Scopus

Science And TechnologyFinalists of the 2019 Reaxys® PhD Prize announcedJul 30, 2019

The Reaxys PhD Prize recognizes innovative and original research in chemistry and associated sciences

Application process for innovation hub now open for engineering-intensive companies

ARC Network Community connects equity scholars and practitioners on Mendeley and SSRN

Science And TechnologyElsevier releases 2018 CiteScore™ valuesJun 3, 2019

New functionality allows users to calculate CiteScore including pre-set document types

NETE’s knowledge platform, ERNIE, to be developed using Scopus data

Annual competition recognizes next generation of geoscientists - Elsevier to offer participating teams free access to its geoscience solution Geofacets during competition

Agreement established with Elsevier to host Arab journals on Digital Commons

Participants used the AI environment created by Elsevier’s Entellect platform in collaborative effort to discover potential treatments

Leading early stage research platform shines light on top research trends of 2018

First-of-its-kind Elsevier analysis charts Artificial Intelligence research trends across the world, with a focus on China, Europe and the United States

Jisc Router integrates ScienceDirect APIs to ingest and deliver article metadata more effectively across UK research institutions