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New open access, peer-reviewed, online-only journal serving the international ophthalmology community

Purple wasn’t just for royalty

New test detects low levels of psychoactive drugs in urine and plasma

Researchers identify several new molecules, and suggest ways to avoid their formation

First study to assess amblyopia and strabismus independently while simulating the classroom environment, published in the Journal of AAPOS

Virtual reality device successfully used to guide recanalization of right coronary artery, reports the Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Chinese physicians report on a case of potentially lethal cardiovascular symptoms induced by a traditional Chinese medicine component (aconitine), in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology

NICE-accredited guidelines available for free online on ScienceDirect

The more involved a young person becomes in the judicial system, the more likely they are to die young, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Research And JournalsNew Vaccine Could Prevent High Cholesterol10-Nov-2015

Vaccine is cheaper and appears to be more effective than alternative treatments

A multidisciplinary approach is necessary to determine best treatment for each patient

Benefits include lower risk of mortality after 5 years

Foods that are more – or less – delicious than we expect can also cause mood changes