Elsevier Launches New Journal: Aeolian Research

Climate change spurs new journal on wind erosion research

Amsterdam, 07 April 2008 - Elsevier announced today the launch of a new journal, Aeolian Research. The journal will focus on the advances in the rapidly expanding area of research in the winds’ ability to shape the surface of the Earth. The term aeolian is derived from the name for the Greek god Aeolus, the keeper of the winds. The journal will be published quarterly starting with the first issue in January 2009.

Aeolian Research will span a broad array of disciplines and will include fundamental studies of the physics of blowing sand and dust and the deposition of sediment. Practical applications including environmental impacts and erosion control will be covered as well. The objective of the journal is to offer a single platform for papers dealing with aeolian processes which are presently published in a wide variety of journals. Research articles, case histories, short communications, book reviews, thematic issues and review articles will be included in the journal.

Aeolian research has a long standing tradition. The first paper on this topic was written by Godefroy Wendelin, a Flemish astronomer, who investigated a dark-red rain that fell in Brussels in 1646. By 2007 more than 27,000 articles were written on this topic and especially since 1995 there has been a steep increase.

Drs. Ted Zobeck and Jeff Lee, the Editors of Aeolian Research, commented ”Aeolian studies have become truly interdisciplinary, drawing on expertise from researchers in many fields, including climatologists, geologists, geographers, soil scientists, agricultural engineers, global change specialists and policy makers. As a new journal dedicated to research in aeolian processes, landforms and environmental impacts, Aeolian Research provides a new focal point for the science and will help bring all of these groups together with a common journal. The vast experience and resources of Elsevier and the high quality of the editorial board will ensure high impact and visibility for this new journal.”

“Interest in wind erosion and sand and dust storms has been fuelled by the worsening environmental conditions in several parts of the world”, adds Publisher Femke Wallien, “in that sense it was a logical choice to launch this new journal, and we are very fortunate to be supported by some of the top people in this field.”

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About the editors:
Dr. Ted Zobeck is Lead Scientist of the Wind Erosion and Water Conservation Research Unit in Lubbock, Texas. He is internationally recognized for his research in aeolian processes and wind erosion science as shown by many invitations to international and national meetings, committees, research planning conferences, and his appointments as associate editor for three internationally respected journals associated within his research field. He is currently President-Elect of the International Society of Aeolian Research.

Dr. Jeff Lee works in the Department of Economics and Geography at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He has been studying aeolian geomorphology for over twenty five years, including work on sand dunes, wind flow, soil erosion and dust storms. He serves as Treasurer of the International Society of Aeolian Research

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