Elsevier Celebrates 90th Birthday of Professor Denny Mitchison with a Five-article Collection in Tuberculosis Journal

Improvements to Tuberculosis Treatments to Appear in the Journal’s “World TB Day” edition

London, April 22, 2010 – Elsevier, the world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, commemorates the birthday of one of the UK’s oldest working professors and pioneer of Tuberculosis (TB) treatment with a collection of five articles published in the May issue of the journal Tuberculosis. These articles were originally presented at a symposium held in honour of Professor Denny Mitchison’s 90th birthday, which was organised by the International Consortium for Trials of Chemotherapeutic Agents in Tuberculosis (INTERTB), and held at St George’s, University of London in 2009.

Distinguished scientists and colleagues from the USA, South Africa and Europe gathered at the symposium to celebrate over six decades of Prof. Mitchison’s contributions to the development of effective antibiotic regimes for the treatment of TB. These articles were written in collaboration with other scientists who share his vision of “a TB-free world with the help of science”. The papers describe ways ahead for improvements to TB treatments and they define some of the scientific principles that underpin evidence-based drug regimes.

“Prof Mitchison has published numerous articles in Tuberculosis throughout the course of his eminent career and we are delighted to have the opportunity to publish these five articles from the INTERB meeting held in his honour,” added Fiona Macnab, publisher of Tuberculosis.

Prof. Mitchison’s career and interest in TB began at the Brompton Hospital where in 1946, as a young pathologist, he was involved in the first clinical trial of the anti-TB drug streptomycin. Following the success of this first trial, Prof Mitchison continued his work with other emerging drugs elsewhere. From the 1950s to the mid 1970s, Prof. Mitchison and colleagues attained the reduction of the TB treatment time from two years to six months using a combination of four antibiotics. The regimen they developed through clinical drug trials in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Czechoslovakia continues to be the main treatment model today, and it is thought to have helped save millions of lives.

Prof. Mitchison remains dedicated to investigating new drugs in the fight against multiple drug-resistant TB and extremely resistant TB. After his official retirement in 1985, Prof. Mitchison continued his work at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School and, for the last ten years, as Emeritus Professor at St George’s.

During the symposium, Prof. Mitchison’s St George’s colleague Professor Philip Butcher said, “Even after Professor Mitchison’s quantum achievements, it remains important to continue investigations into finding better and faster acting antibiotics if we aim to have any impact on TB in the world today. Hopefully his new research may contribute to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals of halving the 1990 prevalence and death rates for TB by 2015 and eradicating it by 2050.”

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