Elsevier announces scientific publishing partnership with leading faculty members of Tsinghua University

Partnership will encourage scientific and technical growth in China.

Beijing, 24 May 2004- Elsevier and Tsinghua University are proud to announce a new publishing partnership that will help encourage scientific and technical growth in China and greatly improve the ways in which Chinese scientific and engineering advances are disseminated and communicated to the international research communities. By contributing to China’s scientific growth via collaboration with Tsinghua and other top institutions in China, Elsevier will be a useful partner in the drive to build prosperity and contribute to the quality of life in the region and internationally.

To be launched today, the initial phase of this partnership will involve 20 of Elsevier’s international scientific journals. Each journal will appoint associate editors from among the most distinguished scientists and engineers within Tsinghua University who will assist in the management of input and ensure that the best of Chinese science can be made available globally. Elsevier is also keen to extend this program to include leading researchers at other institutes within China. In this groundbreaking new partnership, Elsevier will hand first editorial responsibility for assessing Chinese submissions to the Tsinghua University board members prior to the full international review process. They will review for scientific merit manuscripts submitted to Elsevier journals by Chinese researchers. Those manuscripts considered of strong enough quality will be recommended for final peer review. Where there are difficulties, for example with language, some guidance will be given on ways to improve and make a new submission.

Also today, Elsevier and Tsinghua plan to commit to finalizing arrangements for the journal, Tsinghua Science & Technology. The aim first is to make its content available internationally via Elsevier’s key electronic service, ScienceDirect (http://www.sciencedirect.com), and to then explore co-publishing arrangements for this and other projects.

Elsevier is a leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information and is responsible for publishing many of the world’s most prestigious science and engineering journals among its list of nearly 1800 journals overall. Tsinghua University is China’s top ranking university in scientific and engineering research. Among its faculty members and on the Academic Council are a significant number of professors who are members of either the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

This is an important strategic partnership for both Elsevier and Tsinghua University. As Arie Jongejan, CEO of Elsevier, Science & Technology, commented:

“Elsevier is very excited to be working more closely with Tsinghua University, (given its high reputation for excellence in science and technology), to help ensure best quality of publication of research from within China. We believe our company, as the world’s leading scientific publisher, can play a key role in helping top Chinese scientists extend their influence in the world of science and contribute further to human progress overall. We expect to be working closer and closer with leading researchers from Tsinghua as well as other leading institutes and universities in China and particularly welcome this new arrangement."

Professor Gongke, vice president of Tsinghua, also commented:

"This is a very good thing for Tsinghua, through which we should make full use of the opportunity for a proper arrangement bringing together all the recommended guest editors to talk about how to increase the academic influence of Tsinghua on the world stage."

Professor Gavriel Salvendy, who is Professor of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University in the USA, and Chair Professor and Head of Department of Industrial Engineering at Tsinghua University has been instrumental in setting up the relationship with Elsevier. He comments:

"Tsinghua University and Elsevier consider science and technology to be a foundation for increased productivity, economic growth and improving quality of life. In this spirit they have teamed up and aim to increase access to the latest developments of science and technology around the world for Chinese scientists and professionals, as well as ensuring effective dissemination of the best developments by planning to distribute the journal, Tsinghua Science & Technology, electronically and adding key scientists from the university to boards of international journals."

In addition to this new editorial partnership, Elsevier is opening an office in Beijing on 26 May. Elsevier has been active within China for the past 10 years and the decision to open the office is the result of the continued and growing demand from the Chinese research communities for access to Elsevier’s 1,800 journals, book titles and portfolio of electronic products. It also reflects Reed Elsevier’s long term commitment to and investment in the Chinese academic and research communities. The office will primarily consist of marketing and customer service staff, but will also work to support the new Elsevier & Tsinghua University arrangement.

About Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is the top ranking university in scientific and engineering in China and is listed first in the National Evaluation of Chinese Graduate Schools. The university currently has 2877 teachers, with1069 full professors and 1087 associate professors, including32 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 24 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Among the over 100,000 students who have graduated from Tsinghua are many outstanding scholars, eminent entrepreneurs and great Chinese statesmen. Presently, Tsinghua has over 26,000 students, including 4214 doctoral candidates. With its wealth of research resources, prestigious faculty members and reputation for excellence, Tsinghua University is poised to become a world-class university of the 21st century. With the inspiring motto "Self-discipline and Social Commitment," Tsinghua is dedicated to the well being of Chinese society.

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