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International study finds bullying victimization is associated with suicide attempts across 48 countries

The bacterial population of children’s skin is to a large extent similar to that of their mothers and affected in the long term by whether they were born by vaginal delivery or Caesarian section, report scientists in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Two-fold test is capable of detecting and determining the type of HPV infection as well as the likelihood of progressing to cancer, reports The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics

A new study in The American Journal of Medicine links high daily intake of caffeinated beverages with the onset of migraine headaches on the same or next day

New understanding of the therapeutic effects of naltrexone could help improve the treatment of alcohol abuse

Research And JournalsStudy debunks "July Effect" for heart surgeryJul 31, 2019

Medical residencies starting during summer months has no effect on the quality of treatment in hospital operating rooms. Cardiac surgery patients are managed by an experienced multidisciplinary team, not incoming residents

New study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that levels of satisfaction derived from food differ among adults who were normal-weight, overweight, and obese

Peter Schultz recognized for his outstanding contributions to bioorganic and medicinal chemistry

A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine demonstrates that firearm ownership significantly increases the risk of intimate partner and family homicide

Caution is warranted before prescribing TRT for men older than 45, recommends a new study published in The American Journal of Medicine

Three factors are identified as the primary motivators, according to new research published in Heliyon

In a large retrospective study, investigators identify a significant treatment gap in managing patients with and at risk for clinical atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, reports the Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Previously unappreciated capability of CD8+ cytotoxic T cells to penetrate a large target opens avenues to destroy solid cancers, according to a new study in The American Journal of Pathology

Research And JournalsBecoming new parents increases produce purchasesJul 8, 2019

Higher income households adopted healthier spending patterns, but lower-income families did not, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior